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Basement bathroom project, Sep 2017 - Mar 2018:

Some years ago Cathie bought a used bedroom furniture set, including a king size bed, and created a guest bedroom in the basement. I suggested that "someday" we should finish a bathroom next to it using the existing plumbing rough-ins. But maybe never...

While I was out of town for 10 days in September, she launched the project by removing a ton of her storage from the 4x10 bathroom area and sorting through it all. She designed the bathroom, and we paid a handyman neighbor to start construction Oct 21 by glueing and shooting the treated lumber footer 2x4s to the floor.

We did the entire rest of the project ourselves, except for hiring a plumber for a total of four visits and around $1600. The total cost still ended up being about $110/SF, on the low end for bathrooms, but surprisingly high just mostly for materials.

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