By Alan Silverstein, (page updated Mon Feb 19 12:51:45 MST 2024)

Welcome to my random collection of photos (a "rolling web album") placed online under for your browsing pleasure. You can use the up, down, left, and right hyperlinks to navigate. Also note that each image is a hyperlink to the next image in the folder/directory, or back to the index page at the last image.

These images are usually not reduced in resolution (file size) from originals to save disk space and dialup transfer time. (I don't shoot them with large file sizes, sorry.) If you think a photo here has been shrunk and want the original, let me know.

The subdirectories/folders and images here are automatically wrapped in "navigation" webpages (*.htm files). If interested you can view the UNIX shell script that does the job, to see how it works. (Note, Internet Explorer, at least, doesn't seem able to show you the file correctly, even with a *.txt suffix, but View Source works OK.)

Subdirectories/folders (number of images / total Kb):

  1. 11/ (321/93771)
  2. 13/ (24/8165)
  3. 16/ (276/101976)
  4. 17/ (253/167316)
  5. 18/ (142/91493)
  6. 19/ (271/190171)
  7. 20/ (1080/663379)
  8. 2017-18_BasementBathroom/ (30/13197)
  9. 21/ (617/274304)
  10. 22/ (512/153446)
  11. 23/ (1251/408615)
  12. BestOfCathiesCabin/ (76/25409)
  13. CathiesCabinTrailCam/ (93/40220)
  14. CathiesCabinWildflowers/ (42/16695)
  15. CondoWindowCam/ (23/24609)

Image files (Kb): (click on any image for next)

  1. PetrifiedForestDisplay.jpg (54)