Foley Catheter Notes and Questions

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Last update: December 18, 2022

This webpage shares my personal collection of reminders (for males) about how to live with a Foley (indwelling) urinary catheter.

First here is some background information about this webpage, and some "free advice" on living with BPH.

Standard disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. I offer this just in case it helps you with useful ideas. Personal discretion is advised.

Reminders (specific to the author!) for if/when back on a Foley again (sigh), say after surgery.

To switch bags morning and evening:

To clean bag after uncoupling:

Other reminders:

Bard StatLock:

Survival questions for doctor:

Surprises not documented anywhere I've seen:

And conflicting information gotten from various reputable sources: