Wegrich Glider Book Scan

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Last update: June 28, 2021

Here are scans of the "glider book" (65 pages), "On the Wings of the Wind", a high school science thesis(!) written in 1930 by William (Bill) Buckley Wegrich (Feb 11, 1915 - Jun 5, 1978), father of Catherine (Wegrich) Grow, when he was only 15 years old! Found in Cathie's mother's (Florence Wegrich's) house in Lakewood, CO, circa 2010 after she died in early 2009. Scanned in 2021 by Alan Silverstein.

The glider book was hand-typed by Bill, and bound with re-openable Swingline clips. It includes a table of contents with page numbers, although the pages themselves are not numbered. It appears the Milestones section actually contains one more page than is listed, and there are many more photograph pages than listed.

It appears that around 1965-67, Bill inserted various calendar pages and articles, after his original B&W photographs and before the 2-page conclusion. I did not scan those later-inserted pages.

The books's sheets are yellowed, thin, sticky, and fragile. Photos were mostly taped in place with clear tape that now falls off. I hand-fed the pages into a home scanner, often having to pull the power plug to prevent a damaging misfeed, resulting in many partial PDFs that I later merged. Page numbers in these file titles are my own, starting at page 1 for the first page after the cover. Also, I used brightness setting -27 to make the pages more legible.

For the photo pages, I had to place each separately on the platen, and used grayscale not B&W to scan them, but still as PDFs, not JPGs, for later merging. I count 46 photos taped to 16 pages, but only have (separately) negatives for 13 of them.