Collected Information on Rock Tumbling

My 31" Truck Tire Rock Tumbler

By Alan Silverstein,
Last update (this page): April 18, 2020

Big tumbler, front view with flash As mentioned elsewhere, I don't worry about mixing rock types during coarse grinding. Everything goes in my big tumbler with the 31-inch tire for a barrel.

One photo nearby shows the revised door design, including a screw-eye I added to the edge of the door after drawing up the revised design (grin) to make it easier to pull it off the "slurry glue" when opening it. This picture shows what it looks like when the door seal or the rim seal leaks a little! Also note the supports I had to add after all to keep the tire upright. You can't see the rollerskate and rollerblade wheels between the supports and the tire.

(Sorry these very old photos are small and low quality.)

Big tumbler, side view with flash Another photo nearby is a side view. A third photo nearby, taken without a flash, shows the tumbler in motion. Big tumbler, front view with no flash

Here's a 20-second MP4 video (89 Mb) of the tire tumbler in action, taken in 2017, after replacing the painted wooden doors earlier with white nylon cutouts. (Might not play smoothly on Windows 10 though, sigh, at least not via Firefox...)

The tire tumbler, by the numbers: