2017 Solar Eclipse Quicklinks

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These are quick links to various resources of at least personal interest, possibly to others as well. See also the original pinned post in the Facebook 2017 U.S. Solar Eclipse Travel & Discussion Group.


Look here for my 8:09, tripod-mounted cellphone "witness" video (2.5 Gb MP4) of the event, on a lonely hilltop west of Glendo, Wyoming. (42.55429 -105.13791 (WGS 83), ~5020' 8.05 miles WNW of Bennett Hill in Glendo State Park.) Be sure to crank up the audio or you miss most of the fun. (Ignore Wyoming wind noise.) The person doing most of the talking and moving around, and all of the cursing, was me (grin).

My Google Pixel cellphone could only (barely) capture the sun (55 degrees altitude) and some of the horizon in portrait mode. Note the crescent-shaped lens flare at lower right, before and after totality, that's a weak, blue, reversed image of the sun itself. Also note the lack of a strong "umbral pyramid" in the sky after C3 (sigh), probably due to smoke haze.

Times: Best I can tell, the video begins at 11:42:19 MDT, about 3 seconds later than intended. Totality at our location was 11:44:51 - 11:47:19, that is, 2m28s. The diamond ring appears (according to the audio) at 2:25 in the video and again at 5:02, 2m37s apart, or about 5 sec before and after totality; 11:42:19 + 2:25 = 11:44:44, or 7 sec not 5 sec before totality, which is "close enough". Rapid dimming starts at about 2:27 and lasts about 5 sec; rapid brightening at about 5:00, again lasting about 5 sec.