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This is a (no longer) relatively short list of most-valuable links I've found, related to the covid-19 crisis, worth sharing or revisiting.

Vaccination Quicklinks (for Larimer County, CO)

In Colorado at least, you can get the vaccine from any provider, even if you're not normally their patient. If you care enough to proactively accelerate your vaccination, here's a summary of links to:

  1. known local waitlists you "should" get on (yes, this is actually recommended procedure), or,

  2. available appointments, providers and spotters to revisit while hunting (without waitlists), and,

  3. wastelists, a reminder that there are also waste avoidance waitlists at some places, mostly at Walmarts (but no list included here, sorry). They require a phone call or personal visit.

(Sorry, but I'm focusing only on English-speaking readers here; direct links to signup pages; and without a lot of added information that you might find in other places, such as hotline phone numbers.)

Preview each form before filling it out! Some take all your information before filtering you for eligibility at the end of the form, so don't waste your time if you can't get on their list yet.

Actual waitlists:

  1. Larimer County Health Department -- various forms here, choose one. Waitlist available to providers in the county, apparently used by at least some to "pull" clients for appointments. You can email them. (Few direct updates from LC Health, but we did get an invitation eventually to make an appointment.)

  2. Health District of Northern Larimer County -- if eligible, can also call them: 970-221-7144; also gets referrals from LC Health.

  3. Kaiser Permanente members (sign in and start here for an E-Visit) and non-members (clinic on east Harmony Road). Or call 844-951-1932 to register (works only for members) and/or check your waitlist status (can't find a way to do on the web). (Note: Kaiser compares daily against state vaccination lists to delete you automatically after your shot; unlike everyone else.)

  4. Centura -- at least for non-members; apparently members are already waitlisted.

  5. Salud Family Health Centers -- fairly nice website overall.

  6. Sunrise Community Health -- has a Loveland location along with Evans and Greeley (12 total sites), but signup page has no way to pick a location.

  7. Columbine Rx (Loveland) -- has actual waitlist, although long.

  8. Berthoud Drug -- has actual waitlist, although long. (Apr 2: Heard 100/week, with 1000 on the list, 1/3 of whom decline even if reachable.)

  9. National Jewish Denver -- special mention for those willing to travel farther.

Available appointments, revisit to hunt:

  1. Vaccine Finder -- nationwide, from Boston? Just lists who has vaccine "in stock", not actual appointment availability (although it does filter by vax type), so I like the next one better, more direct:

  2. CO Vaccine Spotter -- checks many of the pharmacies below around Colorado!
    (Or one step higher for many other states.) Beware, doesn't search or reach all of them, see results near its page bottom, and go direct to some providers, such as Sam's Club. Also, (it seems to me) mostly worthless for the urban corridor because information is out of date or incorrect when you actually follow the hits.

  3. Larimer County mass vax -- county fairgrounds (Ranch) or several other locations; or 970-498-5500.

  4. UCHealth -- just create an account if you don't already have one, or else log in here, then you can can search for appointments. (Can schedule second doses.) (Apparently no longer a waitlist as of Apr 12.) (Same account used for "Associates in Family Medicine" => "My Health Connection" found elsewhere.)

  5. Safeway -- first enter zipcode, set wider range if you want, pick your store -- then you are stuck with it until returning to the top. Often lies about availability at the top level versus lower.

  6. King Soopers -- answer questions for "Barney" including birthday to get to nice multi-store availability page (that often lies to you); or use this alternative (klunkier) to shop one store at a time, but you can still quickly back up to Step 1, "Choose Another Pharmacy"... (Can schedule second doses sometimes.) (Intermittent IT issues: Cannot select second appointment => cannot confirm first one either.)

  7. Walmart -- (requires account, but can check availability first) try various locations.

  8. Sam's Club -- (requires account) try various locations; members can reserve for non-members. (Doesn't seem to say vaccine type anywhere.)

  9. CVS -- scroll down, click on "Colorado" for a status popup; few locations, but at least it's fast and wide. Hint: If nothing available for CO, find a state (like FL) that does have some, proceed from the popup, return to CO; sometimes this does show appointments. (Can schedule second doses.)

  10. Walgreens -- (requires account for every client, but can check availability first) forced to be within 20 miles of specified zipcode. (Can schedule second doses, but only for self.) (Reputedly updating their appointments daily at 11 pm MT.)

  11. Costco -- appears no account required, but doesn't indicate vaccine type.

  12. Good Day Pharmacy -- several locations listed, link is gray unless available, but often one location's subsidiary calendar is still blank; very long signup form.

  13. Ridley Pharmacy (Wellington) -- strange pulldown list, watch for Wellington, else remote.

Please email me at with any updates to the information above.

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