December 21, 2006: Colorado Blizzard

One of many trip reports by Alan Silverstein.
Last update: March 6, 2008

From:  Alan Silverstein <>
Date:  21 Dec 2006 12:43:49 -0700
Subject:  solstice snow report

Happy winter! Although it doesn't officially start until 5:22 pm MST today, the report is 23" snow in Fort Collins. Skies are clearing slowly.

I got the main shoveling done this morning, still need to finish the driveways tonight. Warmed up the red truck, got stuck in the street trying to turn parallel, then managed to swim it once around the block (fresh tracks in unbroken powder!) before putting it back away in the garage.

HP is closed today, but Avago (child of Agilent, child of HP), same site, is open. Not that anyone is here. I strapped on the boards and skied into work. The equipment was kind of rusty, mostly from the waist down. No problems with the boots, skis, or poles though.

It took longer than I expected to get here. Still under an hour, but everyone was out with snow shovels or sleds, and they all wanted to say howdy. (grin)

You can't ski in on the sidewalks of course, they are already mostly clear. The best path is truck tire ruts on the roads, where available. Ziegler was plowed and clear, icy in spots, almost no traffic. Side roads of course still deep, but lots of 4WDers doing what I did this morning.